Doncellas: Poemario Venezolano por Máximo Castillo

Titulo del libro: Doncellas: Poemario Venezolano

Autor: Máximo Castillo

Número de páginas: 16 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 14, 2017

Doncellas: Poemario Venezolano por Máximo Castillo

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Máximo Castillo con Doncellas: Poemario Venezolano

This collection is by a new Venezuelan poet, Máximo Castillo. His foray into poetry has been swift and frank. He talks about the world around him, creates new worlds and, above all, speaks of a world within himself. Doncellas is one of her first complete collections, a long poem spread over several short poems that speak of relationships, feelings and women idealized with a certain force and value. With an attitude sometimes dark and sinful, lugubrious, but with a great feeling of love.

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