Paradise Sky (English Edition) por Joe R. Lansdale

Titulo del libro: Paradise Sky (English Edition)

Autor: Joe R. Lansdale

Número de páginas: 416 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 18, 2015

Editor: Mulholland Books

Paradise Sky (English Edition) por Joe R. Lansdale

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Joe R. Lansdale con Paradise Sky (English Edition)

Meet Nat Love.

Born a slave in Texas, he escapes a lynching and finds a mentor who trains him in shooting, riding, reading, writing and gardening. But the enemies of his youth pursue him, and soon he is on the run again...

In the course of a tumultuous life, he becomes in turn a Buffalo Soldier, a bouncer, a ratcatcher, a sharpshooter, a dime-novel star, a friend to Wild Bill Hickock and a US Marshall. From Texas to Deadwood and back down south, he both dodges and courts violence, hoping one day to get his revenge.

Featuring cowboys, Apaches, buffalo and much, much more, this is a mostly true tale of how the West was won from one of America's most original writers.

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