Fundamentals of Structural Geology por David D. Pollard

Titulo del libro: Fundamentals of Structural Geology

Autor: David D. Pollard

Número de páginas: 520 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 1, 2005

Editor: Cambridge University Press

Fundamentals of Structural Geology por David D. Pollard

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David D. Pollard con Fundamentals of Structural Geology

Fundamentals of Structural Geology provides a new framework for the investigation of geological structures by integrating field mapping and mechanical analysis. Assuming a basic knowledge of physical geology, introductory calculus and physics, it emphasizes the observational data, modern mapping technology, principles of continuum mechanics, and the mathematical and computational skills, necessary to quantitatively map, describe, model, and explain deformation in Earth's lithosphere. By starting from the fundamental conservation laws of mass and momentum, the constitutive laws of material behavior, and the kinematic relationships for strain and rate of deformation, the authors demonstrate the relevance of solid and fluid mechanics to structural geology. This book offers a modern quantitative approach to structural geology for advanced students and researchers in structural geology and tectonics. It is supported by a website hosting images from the book, additional colour images, student exercises and MATLAB scripts. Solutions to the exercises are available to instructors.

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